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If you wish to speak to one of our representatives or make payment arrangements on your account, please contact us at your earliest convenience by clicking on the following link e-Mail with your request(s). Please just send us your full name and the best phone number and time of day to reach you at within your message, and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

About NCW Billing:

NCW Billing is a payment processing company that provides payment processing services to collection agencies and collection law firms and their clients & customers throughout the United States. We maintain a corporate culture that puts people over processes, always focusing on the quality of life, and pride ourselves on providing “World Class” levels of customer service and customer satisfaction. We streamline the collection and payment processes by efficiently and effectively managing and posting your payments to facilitate rapid settlements that ultimately delivers a sense of accomplishment and serenity to our customers.

Our Mission:

To create and maintain a compliant professional avenue for the rapid settlement of consumer debts that will allow our customers to swiftly reemerge from a depressed financial state with pride and dignity as they resolve their financial obligations.